Charley's Diary - Voices in the Kitchen

Charley's view Grandma's view Edward's conjecture
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Is this what went through Charley's mind? Who knows? All I can be sure is that cats think a lot! It doesn't matter what Charley thinks! Grandma sees something that is coherent with what she believes: that Charley is both greedy and choosy. I have no proof on whether this is indeed what Charley thinks, but it is consistent with what has been observed, hence this is only a conjecture.
Actually, this is just an intellectual exercise :)

The same events viewed by different people could mean different things. We all try to "fill in the gaps" with what makes sense to us. What we see may not be what others see. Misunderstanding is norm. We must learn to live with it.

This cartoon was inspired by (though rather different from) Anthony Browne's book "Voices in the Park". This is an excellent book. It is especially good for children. It shows that the same events can be viewed differently. It is up to you to choose which view you want.

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